A warm welcome from James Griffiths

I believe childhood is the most precious period in a person’s life. It is our earliest experiences that help shape healthy and successful futures and this is why it is critical for schools to get education right. At Dallington we understand how fundamental this is. Our school is a habitat for creativity and wonder, where children are deeply engaged through a play- based, explorative and personalised approach to learning. We provide a holistic, child-centered educational experience and prioritise building strong relationships with both children and parents.

These key ingredients enable our children’s potential to be unlocked, ensuring they flourish at school and beyond both academically and emotionally as happy, confident individuals. Dallington is a school with children at its heart in the very heart of London and I feel privileged to be the Head of this vibrant school community.

"Dallington has a special something. It's very hard to put your finger on it, but it's absolutely there. It comes from a deep understanding of children, letting them enjoy their childhood, and learn who they really are." - Parent