Lunchtime and Healthy eating

We actively promote healthy eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle from an early age. In the Early Years, this is part of the EYFS statutory framework.  A bowl of fresh fruit is provided in each classroom for children to help themselves.

The children are also encouraged to drink water regularly and have independent access to it throughout the day.  To encourage independence, the children in the early years help prepare snacks for the day and Healthy Eating is often covered in a cross-curricular way.

Children are required to bring in a healthy packed lunch. The school also offers a packed lunch service, with a variety of sandwiches, wraps and rolls with different fillings, fruit, yoghurt, cheese, crudités, and dips. Lunchtimes are supervised by dedicated Lunchtime Assistants together with our full-time staff.

The Playground

There is an hour and a half lunch break to give children plenty of time outside in the playground in Seward Street, a five-minute walk around the corner, across Goswell Road.  There is an enclosed ball-court and climbing structures for all ages.  Playtimes are staggered to provide ample space for active play.

The school is a member of the S.C.R.A.P project, which gives us access to a fantastic treasure trove of recycled goods which we can use to create interesting, child-led playtime activities. The school also has a fleet of tricycles, crates for building, balls, and other playground equipment for our youngest children.