We aim for all children to love learning and to grow and develop life-long skills, knowledge and attitudes to succeed in whatever they set their mind to.

Everything that we do in our school is based on a Vision we have created for our children and is underpinned by six fundamental values which shape the way we approach life, relate to each other and help children develop.




We believe in an informal, nurturing environment where children feel safe, secure and joyful. Relationships are enriched through a strong sense of community and collaboration between children, teachers and parents.



We believe in celebrating differences and valuing each other through compassion and mutual respect. Everyone at Dallington flourishes because everyone cares.



We believe all children are born with an innate ability to be creative. Every child at Dallington has something brilliant to offer and it is our role to empower them to realise their true potential.



We believe in free-thinking young people who are listened to, who are given the autonomy to express themselves with originality. This leads to authentic, grounded and empowered individuals whose self-awareness is strong.



We believe in embracing children’s natural love for discovery. At Dallington, children are immersed in an explorative, play-based approach, in which they experience a sense of wonder and are given the freedom to take risks, make mistakes and learn from them.


Enjoy the Journey

We believe education is not a race and should be developmentally appropriate. This develops a love for learning where childhood can be enjoyed and celebrated without unnecessary pressures.