Art is an important part of learning at Dallington. Although specific art lessons where children paint, draw and produce 3D work in different media allow them to focus on particular skills and mediums, creating art at Dallington has never been seen as an isolated activity. Dallington children are encouraged to find ways to include artwork as often as possible, by way of illustration work in diaries or projects for example. Being aware of the presentation and lay-out of a piece of work is a valuable skill and by the time the children are in Middle School, there is a growing awareness of the visual impact of work created. 

From the cave art of Lascaux to the Turner prize, we encourage the children to have an awareness of art and artists. We believe an awareness of what has gone before as well as what is current helps the children to generate ideas, question, explore, create and evaluate their own artworks. As part of their exploration of art, children frequently visit museums and galleries to see different artists´ styles. By the end of their time with us, we hope we have imparted an awareness of the importance of graphic skills as well as the confidence to select and use the most appropriate media for their artwork.

Some children find thinking and creating easier than others but no matter their ability, everyone is encouraged to take creative risks with the understanding that the journey and the experimentation, rather than the end result is important. Skills such as the ability to work collaboratively or give and take constructive criticism are developed through careful supportive teaching.