Cross-curricular termly topics and projects are a key component of the school curriculum. Science, Geography and History are brought together in a meaningful, linked way. Enquiry topics and projects are explored from many different perspectives: learning about China, for example, may incorporate a study of Chinese food (including preparing, cooking and eating), an investigation into the country itself, its geography, wildlife and customs. Looking at Chinese history and art may include visits to museums to look at ancient Chinese artefacts. These projects are largely chosen by the children themselves, as we observe their interests and desire to learn about the wonders of our world.

By integrating the different disciplines we aim to give children a sense of the interrelatedness of the curriculum. Project work allows children to make important connections in their thinking and develop key skills through sustained shared thinking and collaborative group work and provides the perfect opportunity for children to develop their ability to manage and extend themselves. Through project work, we are able to draw together the diverse strands of our curriculum, into one interwoven piece of work.

In addition, much experiential learning takes place outside the classroom, with regular educational trips to theatres, museums and art galleries. We also frequently welcome visitors to the school who have specialist knowledge and can inspire the children. This approach helps children to become a genuine part of a learning community, developing skills and attitudes required for life-long learning.