Information Technology

We recognise that children need to learn to be confident with technology and understand how to use this powerful tool safely and effectively. By the time they leave school, being IT literate will be a required skill for everyone.

Many of the learning technologies – iPads, laptops, interactive whiteboards and digital cameras are used to enhance the learning experience. We teach children how to use this technology to improve their learning opportunities. As they go through the school they learn to use iPads and laptops for research purposes, and also understand how to discern the information they come across and use it to support their understanding of the world around them.

Children in Nursery learn basic concepts of programming through coding activities and games. They progress steadily in the complexity of what they can do as they move through the school. They learn what coding actually means: giving instructions to a computer using a language that computers can understand by creating their own games and activities. Using technology wisely allows them to connect and collaborate with each other, along with discussions around safe and ethical use of the internet.