Use of Images of Pupils by the School

Dear Parent,

The School uses images of pupils for various purposes during their time at school. The use of digital images plays an important part in learning activities. Children and members of staff use digital technology to record evidence of activities in lessons and out of school. These images are used for educational purposes.

  • Some images we take are necessary for administration and the safety of pupils, such as CCTV and for your child’s school ID on our management information system.
  • Images may also be used to celebrate success through publication in newsletters, prospectuses, on the school website, and occasionally in the public media.

Please complete the form over the page and indicate if you consent for the time being to your child’s image being used in the three different ways indicated.

Where appropriate (owing to the pupil’s age or nature of the use) we will also seek the verbal or written consent of a particular pupil before publishing any image where that pupil is a particular focus of the shot, or identified by name, but not usually when included as part of a larger group or team shot.

At school events, we would prefer you to watch the entertainment, however, sometimes parents and carers choose to take videos and digital images of their children for their own personal use.

To respect everyone’s privacy, and in some cases protection, these images must not be published or made publicly available on social networking sites, nor should parents or carers comment on any activities involving other children in the digital or video images.