As a tax incentive, some employers offer parents Childcare Vouchers from childcare voucher companies, such as Edenred, BusyBee, Sodexo etc in respect of nursery provision for children under the age of five years.

For children aged 5 years and above, we also accept such payments for Extended Provision fees outside normal school hours; for example for Breakfast Club and after school clubs to 6pm.

We are happy to accept these vouchers, by BACS transfer only.  


When vouchers are received in our Bank Account and subsequently credited to your account with us, you will receive a digital receipt and your account will be balanced accordingly. Therefore, vouchers received prior to the generation of fees invoices will be deducted from that term’s fees.  Any funds received after this date will be credited on the next term’s invoice.

The most efficient way for the School to receive vouchers is in one lump sum. This dramatically reduces administrative time.  If you are able to arrange this, the Bursar would be extremely grateful.

Please note that administration of vouchers is a matter between your employer and the voucher company. Dallington is unable to access any account information on your behalf.